Medical triage services

Excellence on caring for your patients!



Our medical triage call center is located
in Miami-Florida.

You can easily reach us 24/7 via the phone number below:





LigeGuide Call Center

Their Patients are safe With our qualified personnel

They are trained in the use of telephone triage protocol under the Schmitt-Thompson guidenlines.



Medical triage services

Excellence on caring for your patients!

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Life Guide has the technology to provide a trouble-free service that make sure high quality standards of patient care are mantained.

LifeGuide Call Center provides your patients with peace-of-mind. They will have access any day of the week to qualifed and caring profesionals who possess the resources and experience to quickly evaluate and give the proper medical recommendations.

LifeGuide Call Center teams up with a physician’s practice to provide after-hours health care services to the physician’s parients by phone.
Our AFTER-HOUR SERVICE PROVIDES  a multilingual, conventient, and reliable alternative for your after-hours patient calls. Pediatric registered nurses staff our triage line, answering calls on evenings,weekends, and holiday.
Our nurses have access to a licensed pediatric physician or assistant physician to ensure the best avaliable service for your patients.

Why choose LifeGuide Call Center?

Trained staff

Our professionals meet the highest standards.


Our practice has more than 7 years of experience, their caring professional personnel, have been the key success!

Flexible schedule

Our after hour professionals are ready to give you peace of mind

Best price guarantee

We are proud of a great balance between a reasonable price and excellent professional service.

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We offer the best telephone services for medical care with specialized
and qualified personnel.
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